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Gazira Babeli with Man Machiniga performing Acting as Aliens live in Second Life and live at the Kapelica Gallery, Slovenia.
Gazira looks good in silhouette.
The aliens in the gallery interact with Gazira, offering her a beverage.
And pizza.
Some of the aliens communicate about their personal issues:Everyone is a critic. Even aliens.
Some interesting juxtapositions...
Documenting from both ends.
Find out more about this and other work by Gazira Babeli on her website - Gazira Babeli

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Images from the round table event, live at Odyssey Island and Kapelica Gallery. There was a great turnout:
Helfe Ihnen, Manager of Odyssey Art and Performance Simulator, and friend.Gaz on Gaz
About the Event
Gazira Babeli and Patrick Lichty
the ways of Performance Art in Digital Realities
Round table moderated by Domenico Quaranta
Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia, hall M3/M4
and Odyssey Art and Performance Simulator:
November 2, 2009 at 7 PM (CET), 10 AM (Second Life Time)

What happens to performance when the place is a computer screen and time is better described as the timelessness you experience in front of it, as both a performer and a spectator? When reality fades into the background to be replaced by a simulated scenario where physical laws are disregarded and almost anything is possible? When the body itself becomes a software (and cultural) construction? On the occasion of the exhibition of Second Life performer Gazira Babeli hosted by Kapelica Gallery in Ljubljana, this panel will try to answer these questions involving some of the most important practitioners and theoreticians in the field.
From the seminar room, curator Domenico Quaranta will moderate a round table that will alternate theoretical discourse and performances, involving:

- Helfe Ihnen, Manager of Odyssey Art and Performance Simulator, the place where the most
active community of art practitioners in Second Life gathers. Odyssey will host the panel in
Second Life, too;
- Patrick Lichty, artist, theoretician, curator and (as Man Michinaga) founding member of the
performing art collective Second Front;
- Gazira Babeli;
- and other members of the Odyssey community.

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The Second Front Performance Art Collective have just released a second DVD of machinima from our latest performance work. We celebrated with a performance at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center.

These images taken in performance on Friday October 9, 2009 by Liz Solo/lizsoloMathilde. THE CRYPT was performed simultaneously live at the Eyebeam Center in NY, New York and at the Eyebeam sim in Second Life as part of Eyebeam's Second Life Performance Night.

An assortment of explorers discovered a secret crypt buried deep inside of Second Life - a crypt filled with artifacts! Tron, guardian of the Crypt, has sworn to protect the sacred treasures from plunder.
Tron (lizsolo) awaits the expedition. After a fierce battle with Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and other explorers, Tron was netted and defeated.
The Explorers go deeper, opening the Crypt, only to find it is full of zombified mummies! Below Tran Spire/Doug Jarvis, Fau Ferdinand/Yael Gilks and lizsolo Mathilde/Liz Solo with special guests Phreek Fargis and Lysander Edo as mummies hungry for brains.
Lara Croft (Man Michinaga) blasts the zombie mummies.

This Colonial Explorer (Bibbe Oh/Bibbe Hansen) is quickly zombified - a fate that awaits them all.
There was some freaking out at the temple entrance.
After the expedition had been transformed everyone retires to the roof of the temple to celebrate and dance.
There SF officially released our second DVD - "Avvie Road" out into the world - the image being generated here is the cover. Find out more at www.secondfront.org

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Welcome to Second Front Blog 3.0

The time has come once again to replace a glutted, laggy blog with a brand new one. Our first two blog sites are still online and full of archives - see the links in the sidebar or up top. Keep in touch with the most current news and events from Second Front on this site. Please Email Second Front to join the SF mailing list and receive notices of performances and releases.